Submit an initiative


Submitting an initiative or project to the STELLA catalogue is very easy: it is enough to fill in the online questionnaire - available in the 6 languages of the project (Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese). It is free of charge and takes you only some minutes.

The questionnaires filled in correctly are validated by the STELLA team and made available online on the STELLA catalogue via a search engine.

What is it good for?

In the questionnaire you will find multiple choice questions to describe the most important aspects of your initiative and a free space to describe it with your own words. (Click here to display the questionnaire in pdf format)

After that?

The grid of your initiative will be made available to all people doing a search which contains criteria pertinent to your initiative (for example the country or the subject you have indicated).

A first step

This is only a first - essential - step to enter the catalogue and become part of the STELLA Community. We cannot pretend that a simple questionnaire is enough to understand well and share your science education initiative with other colleagues in Europe. To know better your initiative, we have created the Communities of Practice, the Multimedia Tools for Transferability and the Pool of Good Practices. Have a look at these sections of the web site and you will find out how to share in more details the aspects of your work which are most important for you...

Click here to fill in the online questionnaire